Ultrasonic Electronic Cockroach Mosquito Pest Reject Repellent

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Ultrasonic Electronic Cockroach Mosquito Pest Reject Repeller can help you to solve all your insect's problems and save your time. It uses ultrasonic waves to disturb and irritate the nervous system of pests to keep them away, no chemical, non- toxic and harmless.

1. Pest control uses ultrasonic frequency (22-65Khz) sound waves to drive pests and rats away without killing them.
2. Ultrasonic repeller is a non-toxic repelling device and the ultrasonic frequency is inaudible to humans and pets (Except rodent-like pets such as hamsters). Completely harmless to human health.
3. Unlike glue ant traps, mice sticky traps & pest poisons, ultrasonic repellents won't leave a mess to clean up. Plugin the electronic mice reject and let it do the rest. Please install about 30cm away from the floor.
4. The Ultrasonic pest repellent is effective for an area up to 50-80sqm. However, as the ultrasonic wave is Fast Decay & Poor Penetration, it can't cross the wall.
5. Injure or kill household pests such as rodents and insects including cockroach, mosquito, rats, etc. Widely use in home, warehouse, hotel, hospital, etc.
6. Note: The US Plug only supports the flat plane type socket (Not included), does not support the concave notch type socket (Not included).