Solar Motion Sensor Light PIR sensor | CD5 Night Sensor

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Automatic Motion Sensor Lights for Security: The solar light turns on automatically in the dusk and turns off at dawn. Three intelligent modes are optional: strong long light mode, dim light sensor mode, strong light sensor mode.

Choose the perfect mode for security! Eco-Friendly Light & Updated Solar Panel: The solar light converts solar power into electric energy to floodlight your outdoor place every night without paying anything! The updated solar panel gets faster battery charging even in less sunshine environment. Ultra-Bright LED Solar Lights: Bright enough to offer excellent illumination and turn the dark space into a bright lighted space.

Great detector for security. No worry about being outdoors in the dark at night. LED Sensor Light with Larger Sensor: Built-in motion detector, the sensor ball head of this Solar Light gets bigger and more powerful so as to have a longer sensor length of 10-26 feet (Note: The sensor length will be affected by the temperature of the environment, especially in winter!) Great Outdoor Light: The solar light is perfect choice to be used in the garden, pool, fence, patio, deck, yard, driveway, stairs, outside wall, etc. 


  • Solar panel: 0.55w, 5.5V
  • Li-on battery, 1200mAh, 3.7V
  • LED power, 0.2w, 5000K-5500K, 12PCS 22-24lm/Pcs
  • Motion angle and distance: 120*, 3m
  • Highlight delay: 10s
  • Switch: OFF | AUTO
  • Lighting mode: —OFF —Highlight
  • Size: 124*96*48mm